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We've been teh busy. Last weekend involved poker (I played _appalingly_, it's lucky there were other people here or G would have owned everything in the house by the end of the evening. Even the stuff he doesn't want), a very fine BBQ with Pete and Anna NLJ and new chums Lorraine and Fife and their little boy Calvi (who entertained by eating a lump of bread bigger than his head in more or less two bites), and a trip to the beach with J & D. Felt the amusement of embattled troops from the trenches when J exclaimed "How much snot _is_ there?"

Wonderful to finally have the weather and time to spend Family Days out. The BBQ was great, at last we could use the garden and watching the kids run round it brought a tear to my rheumy old eye. J now has a slide and a paddling pool and combinations of both are hilarious, and wet.

Today I have taken the day off work and will shortly be heading off to Carshalton to buy large sections of it to cook. I thought if I waited for a heatwvae it'd save some money heating up the cooker.

Attempts to teach myself Dreamweaver have left me with eyestrain, so I am shortly to become the proud owner of two pairs of specs. My word getting old is expensive.

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Date: 2011-08-06 01:12 pm (UTC)
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Spare specs are clever. Zenni optical is tried n tested, but in china. Selectspecs is untried but similar and more local.


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